5 Tips for Giving Wicker Baskets to Professionals

Wicker baskets make great gift items for professionals and business partners. There are times during the year when it doesn’t hurt to give a small token of appreciation to the professionals you interact with on a regular basis. This could be employees, managers, secretaries, personal assistants and anyone else who you maintain a business relationship with. The key is selecting a seasonal present that is tasteful, but thoughtful.

Tip 1: Avoid Becoming too Casual or Personal
Keep in mind that your baskets are going to professionals. Even though it is a thoughtful gift, you should avoid adding items that might be deemed too casual or personal. A good option is to put together items you know the individual might need, such as stationary, pens or a desk organizer. You can also add a few fun extras such as candies or a holiday decoration. Create a basket gift that will look festive but adhere to the boundaries of your business relationship.

Tip 2: Stick to a Gift Giving Standard
Sticking to a standard is important when giving baskets to employees or a number of professionals. You do not want one employee receiving more than another. A good way to go is to create a list of items that will be added to each wicker basket, so everyone is given the same present. You can add variety by selecting two or three different colored bows, ribbon and/or gift wrap.

Tip 3: Save Money with Bulk Wicker Baskets custom wicker basket flower basket willow b
If you must purchase gift baskets for a large number of employees or other professionals, then consider ordering bulk items. Many online retailers offer discounts if you purchase a larger quantity of an item. You could order a quantity of stationary, candies or other small gifts to include in your baskets. This is a helpful way to save money without skimping on the professional presents.

Tip 4: Food Makes a Great Professional Gift
Sometimes it is difficult to come up with something original to purchase for employees and other professionals. If you are stuck, consider putting together edible wicker baskets. These are baskets that contain goodies your gift recipients will enjoy. You can add cookies, candies, snacks, jams, coffee and teas. Try to stick with items that do not contain ingredients that are common food allergies. If you aren’t sure, simple choose a wide range of items so each recipient will have something they like and can enjoy in their baskets.


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