A FSSAI Food License Is A Boon To Every Consumer

Every individual across the country remembers the scandal Maggie noodles faced a few years back. Within a span of a short time, the food giant lost untold numbers of customers. It was during that controversial era that strict laws related to food licensing came into being. FSSAI made their registration and compliance more stringent in the wake of the Maggie hullaballoo.

Today, a registered FSSAI company is seen as a boon to the end user and the entire food industry. A drastic change was brought about in the outdated laws and regulations. FSSAI upped the rules and made consumer much safer. They ensured that even massive corporations are brought to call when they make errors and put the health of the public at risk.

What is FSSAI License Registration?

Every person knows that there is a body that keeps our health and safety at the foremost, but few are aware of its integrities. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India incorporated a regulatory institution called the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (or FSSAI). The ministry governs the body which has two functions:


  • Regulate the food distributed
  • Supervise food safety

The goal is to keep the public safe at all times. Every company, distributor or manufacturer who wants to work in the food industry should apply for a food license. The registration can be conducted online or through well-known consultants.


How Does Food License Benefit The Consumer?

Now that the origin of FSSAI is clear, the next step is to understand how the body helps the citizens of the nation. Each benefit that the authority affords the consumer is expounded underneath. Though the focus here is on the end user, the advantages are equally applicable to every food business.


  • The Obvious Safety

The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act was recently overhauled. The changes made to the policies and law within have made the quality of food in the country far superior to before. FSSAI ensures that every supplier of food in India meets these rigorous rules and the consumer gets access to the best quality. Pithily put, FSSAI makes the food everyone eats in India safer. They make sure that the health of the customer is not affected due to negligence in standards.



Oversight is a crucial aspect of any business. As long as there is a higher authority keeping a check on the work and production, quality is maintained. The Food License takes this responsibility in the food sector. It is the body that guarantees that all safety norms are being met. They conduct periodic audits of food quality and the status of license registration on all food businesses. If any organisation is not complying with the set regulations, FSSAI takes legal action against them.


The consequence of not meeting the FSSAI standards can range from temporary closure of the firm to permanent shutdown. In other words, the body provides the consumer with the legal aid needed when a food company is not keeping up with the benchmark. The FSSAI takes action on behalf of the customer. Instead of the end user keeping an eye on the companies, the regulatory body does it.


  • Surety of Food Legitimacy:

The consumer of today is smart, informed and proactive. They are very much aware of the laws and regulations a food manufacturer has to maintain. Before consuming anything, the customer:


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