Build a Foundation of Self-Esteem to Underpin Your Confidence

Having high self-esteem does not mean you never have feelings of self-doubt, experience fear and feel insecure in a new situation. Your self-esteem can underpin your level of confidence of how you will handle a new challenge or overwhelming experience.

You would not be alone if you always think other people can do things better than you could but that is only you telling yourself that. The truth is everyone worries but it is those who step up and speak out who achieve what they desire. micropile foundations

It is oh so easy for you to look at someone else and immediately pick all everything they can do better than you. You could also probably find a few holes to pick in the same person just to balance this out in your own mind.

Instead of just thinking about having the characteristics these people have, why not start actually having them. Ask yourself what do you need to do to stand by the changes you want to make about yourself.

The ultimate irony is that whilst you are comparing yourself and making all these assumptions about other people, at the same time they are likely to be doing the same thing back to you. You never stop to recognise your own strengths and uniqueness that other people see in your. Instead the voices in your head take over reaffirming everything that you think it bad about yourself. It’s a crazy way of life!

It comes down to accept yourself right now as you are, warts and all. You can succeed at anything your want to despite what you think are all your current imperfections. Just embrace yourself as you are now, push your strengths, learn how to adapt in other areas and just keep taking action towards your goal!

Any business owner or entrepreneur, including you, can improve their selling skills and OBLITERATE your fear of selling forever.

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