Custom Plush Toys – Is Your Advertising Working?

It’s a given that you have to advertise your custom plush toys. Sure, you can just watch the stuffed toys sell themselves. But in order to fully maximize your potentials as a plush toy manufacturer or inventor, you have to advertise in order to reach as many prospective customers as possible. This is the reason why most inventors rely on advertising and marketing. It’s not even reserved for the plush toys. As long as you have a product for sale, advertising and marketing is very important. ぬいぐるみクッション

There are a lot of ways to advertise your custom plush toys. The strategies would depend on your budget. There are free and paid strategies and it’s just a matter of choosing the ones that you think will work best on your plush stuffed toys. But as a stuffed toy manufacturer, it’s a good idea to at least start with email and catalog marketing. It will give you a chance to directly reach out to those on your prospective or current customer list.

It’s very important that you take note of how many orders you’re getting from your email and catalog marketing. If possible, take note of the orders that you’re getting per email or catalog. This will give you a chance to see what works and what doesn’t. Obviously, you should focus on the ones that work. But it doesn’t mean that you should totally disregard the strategies that don’t work. You just have to ask yourself why it’s not working and you’re not getting any orders of custom plush toys. As a plush toy manufacturer, these are the three things that can go wrong:

1. Message

This is the most important aspect if you’re using email marketing for your plush stuffed toys. Remember, it will take them just a second to delete your email. So check to see if you’re sending an effective message. For it to be effective, make sure that you’re using the right words. Advertising and marketing over email is harder compared to face to face so you really have to choose your words when marketing your custom plush toys.

2. Market

This is especially true when you’re using catalogs to market your plush stuffed toys. If your products are high-end, make sure you’re sending your catalogs to areas that can afford them. As a plush toy manufacturer, you should also make sure that you’re sending your message to the right demographic.

3. Media

This is the vessel of your message. Obviously, this is important so that your message will reach your market. Without it, no one’s going to know about your custom stuffed toys. If you want to be a plush toy manufacturer, you should really choose your media. Some examples of media are blogs, emails, videos, audios and the likes.


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