Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Your Carpet Cleaning Products

There are a lot of change nowadays with regard to the way people are viewing environmental issues. There have been more awareness and more participation among people in hopes of saving the environment from being polluted and ruined.

One way that you can make your mark and help in preserving the environment is with carpet cleaning. Unknown to homeowners, carpet cleaning can be hazardous to the surroundings due largely to some commercial cleaning products which contain harmful chemicals. If you want to be proactive and be an advocate for green carpet cleaning, here are some eco-friendly alternatives that you can use instead of commercial cleaning products that can harm Mother Nature. carpet cleaning kitchener

Ammonia – Ammonia has been utilized in home cleaning for a long time already yet a lot of people don’t realize that it can be very effective in carpet cleaning too. The good thing about ammonia is it does not have any negative effects on the environment unlike the other strong chemical substances being used in cleaning products you can buy in the market. Ammonia can be used to clean the carpet by utilizing it as a component for a cleaning solution. This can be done by simply mixing a teaspoon of it with a cup of warm water. Apply this solution onto stains on your carpet and then use a clean cloth to blot the stain until you are able to remove it completely.

White Vinegar – Another substance that you can utilize as a substitute to commercial carpet cleaning solutions is white vinegar. It is really useful in the kitchen but it has a lot of uses in cleaning around the home. It is primarily used to help eliminate stains on fabric and the carpet while also serving as a solution to fight unpleasant carpet odor. Just combine one part of white vinegar with four parts of water to create a cleaning solution that will help you get rid of many kinds of stains on your carpet.

These are just two useful substances that can be utilized by homeowners instead of the commercial cleaning products in the market which can contain harmful ingredients. If you are interested in helping protect the environment from being ruined, start doing so by using the helpful and safe substitutes to commercial cleaning products that are listed above. We only have one planet and we should all do our parts in helping protect it from being ruined and destroyed.


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