A New Era Of Google Search- What It Means For SEO


Earlier this year, Google announced a major change in its search algorithm. This new algorithm, Hummingbird, is designed to better serve today’s search needs. It’s a fast, machine-learning algorithm that uses existing matrices and new ones to find the most relevant results for a search. The algorithm can also understand a user’s location and find a page that is most relevant to the query. See over here to find reliable¬†SEO in Dubai.

Previously, the top-ranking pages on Google were based on how well they matched a user’s keywords. While that’s still important, the focus is shifting to a more user-friendly and effective search method: giving users what they want.

Google’s new algorithm is built to encourage users to cycle through the steps of information discovery. The top sites on the search results pages will be relevant to several different topics and appear on different pages. This means the rankings will be less predictable. It also means that SEO best practices will have to change in unexpected ways. For example, marketers may try to outdo each other’s content marketing strategy.

While the new algorithm has many features, it isn’t a magic pill that will make SEO easy. It takes time to adapt to the new system, and content that is still being prepared will get benched. However, there’s no question that this new search system will increase the competition.

The new algorithm is based on the idea that information gain is more important than matching keywords. This means that the ranking factors will be based on the number of informational resources on a page. For example, the new algorithm could prioritize information gained for voice searches, chatbot services, and traditional searches. This means that websites must be optimized for mobile and speech recognition.

Another major change is the use of featured snippets. Featured snippets are little pieces of content that appear at the top of search results pages and provide a link back to a site. These can help reinforce a brand and give a client’s site more visibility. These content pieces also help improve SEO by demonstrating that the site is an authority on a topic.

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