Indisputable Symptoms of a Heart Attack

What are the top signs of a heart attack? For women, the most common symptoms are chest pain and discomfort. They’re also more likely to experience shortness of breath, nausea, and pain in the left arm or jaw. Symptoms vary among men and women. Read on to learn about the common signs for both men and women. In addition to chest pain and discomfort, other symptoms include nausea, sweating, and jaw or back pain. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should instantly visit the cardiology clinic in Dubai.

Shortness of breath:

A person suffering from shortness of breath may have several causes. Diseases of the lung sac can lead to shortness of breath. Symptoms of these diseases can range from thickening or scarring of the lung tissue to fluid and blood in the chest. In addition, the diaphragm, a muscle in the chest that expands the lung, can be damaged. Other causes include obesity and chest wall deformities.


Sweating is one of the top signs that may signal a heart attack. Sweating is natural during physical activity, especially when the temperature is high. But excessive sweating that comes with discomfort is a sign that something is seriously wrong. Even if you don’t feel any discomfort, you may still sweat heavily. Sweating while experiencing discomfort may indicate a heart attack. Here are three warning signs to look out for:


If you have shortness of breath or dyspnea, you should consult a physician. Dyspnea can be caused by a heart attack, COPD, or a respiratory system disease, such as anaemia. It also can be caused by underlying immune or infectious processes. Dyspnea is often associated with chest tightness, which can be frightening.

Pain in the left arm:

If you experience pain in the left arm and other heart attack symptoms, it’s time to call an emergency and have a physician examine you. This pain often begins at the shoulder and moves down the left arm to the chin if you’re a man. You might also feel pressure in the chest. While pain in the left arm is a sign of a heart attack, other causes of arm pain include other health problems. These are some common signs of a heart attack. If you feel this kind of symptom, you should instantly get help.

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