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Why Should You Apply For An Indian Visa Online? 


Getting online visa India is easy and more secure than traditional visa application processes. It also allows you to have approved e-visa ready before you leave for the trip. Moreover, you can save time and money. If you apply for a visa online, you won’t have to print out the application form. Instead, you can fill out the form online and upload the relevant documents.

It can be used for short-term programs:

An e-Visa is issued to international travelers solely for visiting India. This type of visa can be used to attend short-term yoga programs, medical treatments, conferences, and other events organized by the government. However, it cannot be used for employment purposes.

This type of visa has a maximum validity of 30 days. It can be used for tourism to India and is issued at various airports, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. Nationals of eleven countries are eligible for this visa.

E-Visa fees are non-refundable:

When you apply for a visa to India, you can pay the fee in cash or through an online service. However, you must be aware of the non-refundable policy before applying online. If you make a mistake while applying online, you will have to pay again, and you should also wait for at least two hours before trying to apply again.

The fee for an Indian visa is non-refundable, as stated by the Indian government on its website. You cannot extend your visa or transfer it to another person. The fee will also not be refundable if you make a mistake.

E-visa blank pages:

When applying for an Indian visa online, it is important to upload the correct documents. This includes a scanned copy of your passport with the necessary information. Moreover, your photo should be clear and in color. You should also have a letter of invitation from the event organizer.

If you want to apply for an e-Visa for a tourist visa, you can upload a scanned copy of your passport along with the corresponding invitation letter from a hospital in India. Then, you will need to fill out the online form containing your name, passport number, and other details.

E-visa is valid for entry through 24 designated airports:

An e-visa is an electronic travel document valid for entry into India through 24 designated airports. To get an e-visa, you must have your recent front-facing photo and the photo page of your passport, which contains your details. You must also provide one other document. Your application may only be accepted if you upload the documents correctly or in the specified format. The application fee must be paid at least four days before you expect to travel.

An e-visa can be used for multiple entries. It is valid for entry through 24 designated international airports and 3 seaports. The e-visa also works at authorized exit points.

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