Start Your Own Move In / Move Out Cleaning Company

Are you thinking of a home based business that you can start but don’t have a lot of money that you can spare to start your own business? There are some businesses out there that you can start with very little money. Some of these businesses will only need a few items that you may even have lying around at home. One of these companies that you can start will be a move-out/ move-in cleaning service. This is where you would clean the residence before the customer moved in, or you can clean the home after they move out. move out cleaning colorado springs

When customers are moving they have enough to worry about without worrying about cleaning, that is where your company would come in and provide your services of cleaning. Before the customer moves their boxes and furniture into their new homes, your company would go in and clean the place and make it ready for them to just move in. This would be cleaning all the surfaces, sweeping the garages, and getting it ‘move in ready’ for them. You can also contract with them to clean the homes after they move out, getting it ready for the new homeowner to move in.

This could be done with homes, apartments and even businesses when they are moving to a new location.

The things that you would need to get started would be cleaning supplies, a vacuum and some rags. You would also need to check with the local government and state to see what you need to get your company legal in your state. You will also need to check with your insurance agent to see if you would need more insurance to cover liability when working at someone else’s home.

To find customers, you can do flyers and business cards then go around to realtors, apartment complexes and place the flyers and leave cards at every place. You can also place an online ad to get clients. When you talk to the client you can make them a special offer that you can also clean their old residence and the new residence for a special rate, this way you will be able to get that extra job of the old residence.

This is one easy business that you can start and begin making money fairly quickly. There are people moving every day and this would be one less stress that they would have. No one wants to take the extra time to clean the old and the new home when trying to get packed up and moved.

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