The Sony LTO Data Backup Tape Technology


Sony is a leader in the technology market and is famous for manufacturing and providing numerous electronic devices. Over the years Sony Cameras, TVs, mp3 players, smart phones and many other products have gained popularity due to them being manufactured with the highest quality. Another area of expertise for Sony is the data backup industry. Over the years it has manufactured many types of backup devices including the DDS, the AIT and the DLT. However the most famous backup media in the market are the Linear Tape Open (LTO) Backup Tapes. Over the years Sony has manufactured a number of LTO Data Storage Tapes. Let us look at these in a little more detail.

Sony LTO-1 Tape

This is the first generation in the LTO technology. Sony manufactured its LTX100G Tape that provides a native data storage capacity of 100 GB and the compressed storage capacity offered is 200 GB. The data transfer rate for this device is 20 MB/s.

Sony LTO-2 Tape

The second generation in the LTO technology, the Sony LTX200G provides a native data storage capacity of 200 GB and a compressed storage capacity of 400 GB. The data transfer rate for this device is doubled from the previous generation to 40 MB/s.

Sony LTO-3 Tape

The Sony LTX400G LTO-3 being the 3rd generation of the format came with new security features along with the usual upgrade to storage space and transfer speed. In this case the native space is increased 400GB and compressed to 800 GB. The transfer rate is an increased 80 MB/s. Apart from this the new security feature is the W.O.R.M (Write Once Read Many) technology that prevents data from being overwritten or deleted by accident.

Sony LTO-4 Tape custom masking tape

The Sony LTX800G LTO-4 Backup Tape has an increased native space of 800GB and an increased compressed capacity of 1600 GB. The transfer rate is not doubled as in previous generations but is still increased to 120 MB/s. The device carries on the W.O.R.M feature from the previous generation.

Sony LTO-5 Tape

The Sony LTX1500G LTO-5 Tape has got a very large native storage capacity of 1.5 TB and an increased compressed capacity of 3 TB. The transfer rate is one of the fastest in the industry at 140 MB/s. This generation also introduced an encryption capability as an extra security measure and a Linear Tape File System (LTFS). This system allows users to use the device just like any other removable disk or USB.

Sony LTO-6 Tape

This is the latest generation of the LTO tape technology released only just recently in 2012. The Sony LTX2500G LTO-6 offers the largest data storage capacity of 2.5 TB and a better compression ratio of 2.5:1. This means that the maximum compressed capacity of the device is 6.25 TB. Not only has this but the device provided the fastest transfer speed of 160 MB/s allowing for quick and easy access to data. The W.O.R.M feature, encryption capability and the LTFS system enhance the experience of using this latest device.



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