The Top 5 Reasons to Purchase Custom Clothing Online

The internet has become the World’s market place. From paper clips to jet airplanes, anything can be purchased, at any time, from anywhere. And so without even referencing liberal return policies, low shipping costs, and high gas prices, I will proceed to make the case for purchasing custom clothing online.

When making a online custom clothing purchases you have

1) more Selection,

2) more Customization Options,

3) high Quality standards

4) a transparent process with low pressure sales techniques, and finally

5) you save a considerable amount of time

I go into each of these in detail below –


When you walk into a store, you see merchandise everywhere. But most of this is superfluous, as that what you need or want is usually only a small fraction of what is available. Let’s use the Men’s Wearhouse as an example. I walk in, and I ask for a light gray pin striped single breasted suit in size 44. Although I have only specified three factors, I have nonetheless reduced their inventory of 2000 suits to maybe 2 or 3 garments that fit that description. Now imagine if I asked for something as simple as a ticket pocket; it’s very likely they would not even have a suit like this in their nationwide inventory.

With custom clothing this selection is not a problem, as that your choices are unlimited. What you ask for is made to your specifications; no compromises. The garment you have made is a one-of-kind masterpiece of fabric and thread.


With a custom bespoke suit, you are free to adjust as many aspects of your suit’s style as you wish. There are no such things as strange requests; need one sleeve longer than the other (most men’s arm are not the same length) – done. Are you in law enforcement, and need a suit that hides the bulge of your weapon – easy. Do you want to make a statement with a flashy lining – what color custom clothing nj ? Custom clothing is just that; Custom.


I hate stale food. If I have to eat fast food, I always ask for my sandwich to be made without condiments and with extra vegetables; this way I know the hamburger I receive is prepared fresh. Now think about when you have a custom garment created; you are giving a very specific set of instructions to an artist who wants to realize your vision. They work their magic with your chosen fabrics, and the final product is their handmade creation, not a stale cutout from a factory. Quality is higher because each garment is individually created, inspected, and tested.

Transparency & No Pressure to Buy

One of the most powerful aspects of the web is how it forces a seller to lay his wares out for all to inspect and see. You can shop for as long as you wish, look wherever you may choose, and at the end of the day the vendor must convince you his product is more valuable to you than the hard earned dollars you are parting with. It’s this transparency that makes buying a custom garment online great. You design exactly what you want, and can on your schedule ask for clarification on anything that concerns you in regards to the purchase. Want to make sure no human rights were violated in the making of your clothing? Ask and expect a response for the privilege of your business. Want to learn more before designing your clothing’s style? Request and expect information or a one-on-one consultation.


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